Friday, 30 October 2009

First Aid

As you are aware it is advisable for all sports coaches to have a First aid certificate I can offer a course which is approved by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) and take place over 6 hours ( based on 1 day only)The course will cost £50 price to include HSE registration and certification by us an approved hSE centre. A full comprehensive full colour A5 training book for each candidate and a complimentary first aid pack / kit per person.
Course organisor will be Paul SalmonUK FAST Ltd (First Aid & Safety Training)UK Operations Manger If you are interested can you please let me know and what day is best for you, this course is on offer to anyone who wishes to attend Martin Clarke

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Great Judo News

Great Judo News From Keith Costa
Next Year Young Judo Club Instructor Keith Costa 3rd Dan is to start a unique new Judo Class for Children at the Swale Martial Arts Club Sittingbourne. It will be a Judo Games Night every Friday at 7pm. Keith picked a DVD at the recent British Masters which was all about Judo Games. The aim is to use games to improve existing players Judo and to introduce a new band of Children to Judo. This will take to 4 nights a week a child can play Judo at the Young Judo Club
More information contact Keith on 07894145187

The Young Judo Club are organising a Brian Stening Memorial Judo Championships at the Swallows at the end of November, In February 2010 they will be organising an Open Judo Tournament at Sittingbourne Community College and April they will organising the British Open Sambo Championships at the same venue

World masters Sambo October 2009 Lituania

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Sombo Training Day

A Governing Body recognised Event

Sunday January 30th 2010
Swale Martial Arts Club
127 East Street
Kent ME10 4RX
Cost £10
10am till 1pm,

This will be a mixture of tuition and fighting and will be ideal as introduction for those grapplers who want to experience Sombo for the first time plus a good workout for the more experienced Somboist. This session is open to men and women plus youngsters 14 and over. Money and entry to the above address by January 21st 2010. Those who have to travel are welcome to in the Dojo on the Saturday night free of charge.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Unknown fighter

I have put on a lot of old Video clips on You Tube and most are viewed with interest. Occasionally you get one person who objects to seeing them because the claim they are seen in a negative way i.e. They Lost. Recently I had a comment posted on You Tube complaining that I put so and so lost to Unknown Player he assumed I had done this deliberately to belittle him, it seems he has built up his reputation as being a leading expert on MMA fighting without actually doing much fighting. The fact was no one can remember the name of the guy who beat him hence Unknown Fighter, maybe his response was something to do with his own conscience

Thursday, 15 October 2009

CombatSombo USA

Two more guys from the USA joining the CombatSombo Family go to

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Epping Results OCTOBER 2009

Young Judo Club Youngsters compete in Epping Open
Boy banned from YJC for punching a rival competitor
A very successful team of youngsters travelled to Epping to take part in the annual Open Judo championships all boys returned with medals. The day was marred when a young member of the YJC lost his temper with a fellow competitor and punched him; this earned a ban from Judo at the club. The Young Judo Club is very strict about the behaviour of its members and this type of yobbish and un-sportsman like behaviour will not be tolerated. The good news was that 3 Gold’s, 2 silvers and 1 bronze was taken by YJC members.
Liam Jordan our lightest fighter moved up to u25 kilo class he had 6 fights losing only 1 in the preliminary rounds, he scored 4 ippons (Total Victory). His best fight was against the favourite who he threw for Ippon with Uchi Mata, Liam took Gold.
Brother Ashley Jordan was competing in his last junior competition and took Gold in the u 40 kilo class. Ashley has had a very exceptional junior career, he is very light for his age and with the lowest senior judo weight being u60 kilo he will find the transition to senior level hard. Coach John Clarke has suggested that concentrates a lot more on the harder Jacket Wrestling sport of Sambo the lowest senior weight in that sport is 48 kilo.
Another excellent performance came from Joe Hodges fighting u35 kilo’s he 6 fights and won all of them to take Gold, Joe has all the qualities to be a future star of the club, his outing at Epping proved he was in a class of his own
Brendan Magee was fighting in his first major tournament which is quite a nerve racking experience in itself but this did not faze Brendan as he ploughed through the opposition to take silver in the u45 kilo class
Charlie Hilder also done well to get Bronze in the u50 kilo class although a little bit of nerves got the better of him but never the less a good result
Last up was Matthew Howard who is only a white belt fought his way to the final using Ippon throws to get there he lost in the finals of the u 50 kilo class to a blue belt in what was a very hard fought final.
This competition has proved that once again the YJC has yet another batch of champions in the offing. Thanks must go to Club Coaches Sarah Jordan 1st Dan and Paul Soulsby 1st Dan for accompanying the youngsters at this event. Next big event is the BRIAN STENING MEMORIAL CHAMPIONSHIPS to be held at the Swallows Leisure Centre on November 29th. The Young Judo Club & Warriors Grappling Academy will be giving a demo at the forthcoming Swale’s “ A Celebration of Cultures” at the Wyvern Hall on October 31

The Milton Regis section of the Young Judo Club which operates from Nobbys Gym Milton Regis Playing Fields on a Wednesday has got of to a flying start with Juniors starting at 7pm and seniors at 8pm. John Clarke has introduced a badge for those youngsters who compete regularly in competitions it is call JUDO FIGHTER
More info

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

British Masters 2009

British Masters Judo Championships
October 3rd 2009

I decided to travel up to the British Masters to support YJC Instructor Colin Carrot and my son John who I had advised to withdraw as had only just got over a bad bout of Flu. If you get defeated because your opponent is better then you there is no shame but if you lose because you are not 100% fit that is a tragedy after saying that I still think he would have won in a weakened condition, not to worry at 36 years of age he has plenty of time. Colin had three fights lost 2 and won one on Ippon. In his first fight he seemed to be very nervous and lost on a drop seoi which surprised us especially as he trains with his son who is an expert at that technique, he redeemed himself in the next bout by countering a very strong experienced player with Ippon throw. His match to go forward for Bronze was a good battle; with Colin moving and making a stream of attacks he blocked a very powerful drop seoi. This took them in Ne Waza something he favours and he was a bit unlucky by being caught in a hold or shall we say his opponent saw a momentary lack of concentration and took advantage of it. Colin is a very good Judoka but a far better Sambo Player.

It was also good to see fellow Sambo player Paul Sawyer win Gold I believe this is 10 Masters Title some record, also fellow Twitter member Danny Murphy winning Gold. I met many people from the past some I only recognised by name only one was Nick Kokotaylo who I have not seen for 30 years I must have passed him several times without even acknowledging him I was not being rude he had changed so much when I knew him he was a Light Heavy now he was a chunky heavyweight and one of the guests of honour he went on to beat very slimmed down Elvis Gordon. Chris Bowles I have seen for many years and it was great meeting him again, Chris runs the very successful Tonbridge Judo club which seems to be bucking the trend by attracting many members. Chris was at the 1980 Olympics, I can remember him doing the Judo circuits from the age of 11 always accompanied by his Dad and I am pleased to see he is making a living at Judo.

The competition had a great atmosphere with plenty of barracking referees, well humoured I might add, and 100% effort from the fighters. I was expecting Judo like I used to do when I was training for the 1980 Olympics but sadly even the Masters are fighting the new wave style but there was still some good judo. I still can not understand the new wave Judo Rules especially the re interpretation of Ippon it seems if you touch the ground with your back Ippon is given. A prime example was when one player attacked with a good Sumi Geashi his opponent block ed but because the player was on his back an Ippon was awarded ridiculous. I thoroughly enjoyed the day but was disappointed not to see members of the BJA hierarchy present; I was not over enthralled with the actual Judo but enjoyed the company. Would have loved to compete but even if I did there was no one in my age group and weight. If you want to see the full results go to

Monday, 5 October 2009


Rudyard Kipling
This was said at a time when British Empire was at its height and when most English thought 1 one Englishman was worth 3 Foreigners. The quote basically says the majority of English only knew England not the rest of the World i.e. they were blinkered.
I would suggest we use the following for “WHAT SHOULD THEY KNOW OF JUDO WHO JUDO KNOW”
Judoka blinkered to all other forms of Jacket Wrestling